CRL Group Holdings Incorporated (CRL) shall deliver the projects and services with highest regard to the health and safety of its most valuable asset: our people.

CRL is committed to a Health and Safety System that eliminates or controls situations that may cause injury to its staff, subcontractors or the public, or cause damage to property resulting from workplace accidents. CRLs Health & Safety Management Plan (HSMP) consists of policies, procedures, training, and other resources. The HSMP is supported by regular inspections, investigations and ongoing supervision and support. All employees are responsible and accountable for Workplace safety initiatives. Active participation by every individual, every day, in every job, is necessary to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment. All employees who have authority over other employees must ensure that all work is done safely and demonstrate a commitment to safety by example. Every member of the CRL management team is required to adhere to this policy and is accountable for the maintenance of the standards necessary to ensure the success of the CRL HSMP.

The CRL management team must ensure that instruction and appropriate job training are provided to all employees. Each employee must have access to a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the HSMP. Employees must have the necessary qualifications and training before they are permitted to commence work. Immediate corrective action is to be taken to correct or mitigate observed or reported hazardous conditions or activities. No work shall be permitted if there is a reasonable probability that employee(s) may be exposed to undue hazard. Every employee has the right to education on the regulations and procedures, which are applicable to their job. Employees are to correct any unsafe or hazardous condition(s) that they can and report to their immediate supervisor unsafe or hazardous conditions that they cannot correct.

CRL is committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee and workers. All employees are encouraged to consult with Committee members on health and safety matters or concerns.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, CRL will review and if necessary, update its Health and Safety Policy on an annual basis. The Canadian Director of Health, Safety & Environment will annually review and approve the review of the Health and Safety Policy on behalf of CRL in order to adhere to legislation.