CRL shall deliver the projects and services in an environmentally sound and legally compliant fashion. In doing so we are determined to continually improve our effectiveness in pollution prevention, carbon footprint reduction, resource conservation and care for the natural environment. These commitments require everybody connected to this Services scope to embrace their role in environmental management and to be empowered to act in order to protect the environment from undue harm. CRL proactively manages the Service/Operations Contract environmental risks through a competent workforce and established processes under the Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management system.

This requires us to:

a. Define and delegate environmental responsibilities.
b. Assess and effectively control environmental risks as we plan and deliver
Services work.
c. Provide the framework for environmental objectives and target.
d. Maintain adequate environmental awareness and competencies.
e. Foster constructive environmental communication.
f. Monitor and audit environmental performance.
g. Take timely action to address deficiencies and opportunities.

CRL management will provide the necessary leadership, organization and resources to implement this Policy through an effective Management Program (the Program). Managers, supervisors, staff and subcontractors are required to adhere to this Policy by completing the Environmental responsibilities defined in the Program. This Policy shall be communicated to CRL employees and subcontractors. This Policy shall be reviewed annually.